Find My Instagram Username

Many people don’t know there Instagram username. So, in this post I will discuss on how to find my Instagram Username?

Instagram username is unique for each account. Means no two Instagram account can have same username. It is your instagram identity.

Find Instagram Username

By Instagram username, you can search any instagram user easily on Instagram searc box. Every people has their own unique instagram username.

Many people login via facebook or email and they don’t know about their instagram username. Well it is easy to find username. Follow the steps given below.

How to know My Instagram USERNAME?

  • First go to Instagram App (Android | iOS)
  • Now, login via facebook or email.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Here is your username. You can find your username at more than one place.
  • You can Go to EDIT PROFILE
  • You can also find your Instagram username on SETTING –> NameTag


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