How To Increase Limit? IGHoot

First of all I would like to thank you for using our website Ighoot. Well, we have set initial limit at 20. Means, you will get 20 Likes, 20 Followers, 20 Comments and 20 Comments likes on your comments.


Do you know, you can actually increase this limit. If you really want to increase the limit for a lifetime then read the given post.

Limit Will Increase in the Following Manners:

  • Initial Limit- 20
  • 1st Successful story- 20+ [Total Limit- 40]
  • 2nd Successful story- 20+ [Total Limit- 60]
  • 3rd Successful story- 10+ [Total Limit- 70]
  • 4th Successful story- 10+ [Total Limit- 80]

and so on…

When you put your first story for 24hrs your new limit will be 40.

When you put the story for 2nd time, new limit will be 60.

After 60, your limit will increase by 10 every time when you put new story for 24hrs.

You can increase your limit maximum up to 120 only.

How To Increase Limit?

Step 1: First Go To IGhoot Official Site.

Step 2: Now enter your username and password to login on Ighoot


Step 3: Now, You will see Dashboard. Click on Increase My Limit.

Ighoot Increase limit

Step 4: A pop up will appear. Now Click on Share Story Now.

Ighoot Increase followers limit

Step 5: It’s all done from your side. Now check your Instagram story. We have added a Story from our end to your profile.

Note: Don’t remove this Story. We will check your story after 23 hrs 59 minutes. If the story will available on your profile then we will increase the limit by 20.

Ighoot Increase Likes limit

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Q). What if I put the story for 24Hrs?

You will get 20 Extra limit on each services like Instagram Auto liker, Auto Followers, Auto Comment Liker and Auto Comment Liker. Your new limit will be 40 after one story.

Q). What if I delete the Story?

You will not get any extra limit. You new limit after 24Hrs will be only 20. So. don’t delete the story.

Q). What If I deleted the Story and Repost the same from my end?

If you remove the story and put again by your self then in this your new limit will be only 20. So, don’t try this else your limit will not increase.

Q). How Much Time Does It Takes To Increase Limit?

Well, it will takes only 24Hrs to increase your limit by 20. Your new limit after 24Hrs will be 40.


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  6. I get more following please fix it

  7. muizevanzz says:

    . Im just shared yesterday. But when 24 Hours. And then he said “Also Read This:- Increase Your Limit By 20. Total Limit Will be 40 […]”. What going on.

  8. I put the story for 24 hours but it dosen’t incrase my limit. How it can be possibile?

  9. Sufiyan shaikh says:

    I have put the story but they didn’t increase my limt

  10. Iam_dorry says:

    It didn’t work.. I posted a status for 24 hours

  11. How to stop autofollow to other

  12. How can I send the likes to another accout? I do not see option of custom url

  13. Shahreyar says:

    I put the story for 24 hours but followers isn’t increasing…

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    Two days before I have shared story but my likes limits not increased now I sharing the story again. 9 hours left please make it possible

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  16. hi i have this problem when i login with my account ” There was some internal issue with server right now, Please try again.

    id instagram lorenzo.tomai

  17. Shadab khan says:

    My limit doesn’t increase. I put story for 24 hours then also my limit doesn’t increase why??

  18. I’ve 60 currently but forward limit can’t going!
    What’s going on?

  19. Shahreyar says:

    my followers limit is 120 but i never get 120 followers it give 90-100 followers…please fix the isssue…

  20. Mera 60 se age nahi badh rah hai…. Srory dal dal k thak gya hu

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    the increase limit not go…

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